Folding Sack Trucks

Folding sack trucks are ideal for storing in small spaces or for traveling to jobs. We stock both steel and aluminium frames with either solid or pneumatic wheels. We only select trucks that will fold down to a small size and do not lose their integrity in the process.

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Folding Sack Truck

Limited for space? Folding sack trucks make the ideal solution.

Our range of Folding Sack Trucks are ideal for transporting in a car or van as they can be quickly folded completely flat and, in a single movement, the hand truck is open and locked into position once more, this is also beneficial as it makes for easy storage too. These Hand Trucks can move loads safely and securely around warehouses, garages, workshops or even throughout your home and garden and, additionally, are easy to carry, made of steel construction which ensures long life, and are widely used by van drivers for unloading loads.

The handles and/or the toe section of these Folding Trucks fold down (product dependant)  for minimalist storage and ease of transportation. Folding Sack trucks are ideal for trucks, warehouses, schools, offices and even homes as their compact size makes a huge difference when it comes to space.

There is no compromise on strength either, as all Folding Hand Trucks are designed in such as way as to retain the structural integrity that is offered by conventional Hand Trucks, and can handle weights of up to 250kg, making them more than a match for their upright cousins.

Customer Testimonials

  • "So so pleased with my sack truck. Came with super fast delivery and you can tell that it is a well made product. One very satisfied customer"
    Paul Rawcliffe

  • "I ordered one of the many sack trucks that you sell and it came with free delivery. Absolutely amazing! This is business at its best! "
    Liam Ellis

  • "Needed a sack truck as I was moving house so I chose one of the more beefier trucks. It done the job amazingly well! Great doing business!"
    Sarah Comley