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Platform Trucks

We have a number of platform trucks available with a range of capacities and functionalities. A platform truck is simply a large platform with wheels and a handle, the deck material and wheel type alter what sort of load can be carried. Our standard platform trucks come in a range of carrying capacities up to an outstanding 350kg, and are available with either solid wheels or pneumatic wheels. 

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Platform trucks and trolleys are low level work platforms fitted with upright handles and wheels. Despite their appearance, their low working platform means that they are capable of handling weights in excess of 300Kg. A platform truck is capable of moving large or bulky items about easily; they don't require someone of great strength to move items, meaning that they are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Platform trucks are simple in their construction, typically with no sides, allowing for loads of a bigger surface area than the platform itself, meaning they are capable of carrying and transporting large flat loads around the office or warehouse. Many of these trolleys have folding handles, allowing for upright storage if required. We have trucks available with both solid wheels and pneumatic wheels, while there are also sack trucks available which convert from a traditional upright sack truck to become a platform truck, these are either 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 trucks.

Employers need to be aware of the potential harms of lifting and carrying heavy objects. However, our vast range of platform trolleys and trucks allow the user, whether it is at work or in a domestic setting, to transport heavy items between locations with little effort. These trucks are definitely a worthwhile investment for any company where work is based in a stockroom, warehouses, building sites or garden centres.

Customer Testimonials

  • "We purchased this to move stock around a warehouse. The large deck means that almost anything can be loaded on, making it easy for one person to pick items and then move them to wherever they are needed. The truck we bought has solid wheels but we are looking for the pneumatic wheeled version for use on one of our other sites. "
    Brian Martino

  • "I purchased a platform truck on behalf of the company I work for and thus far myself, colleagues and my employer have been extremely satisfied. It does exactly as we expected it to do and seems to be holding up very well at whatever load we throw at it."
    Elliot Kent

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